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My name is Dr Cade Sutherland, and it is my pleasure to extend my services to you.  I am the owner or Wellsure and am your local Chiropractor here in Caloundra, providing Chiropractic care 7 days per week.

Since graduating from Macquarie University in 2004, I have had the privilege of sharing my skills in Chiropractic with thousands of people throughout Australia and the United Kingdom.  Collectively, I have been a registered Chiropractor for over 11 years and am constantly expanding my knowledge and expertise, and my passion for the industry continues to grow every day.

My patients teach me so much, and I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of individuals, differing in age from 1 day old through to 93 years, as well as a range of completely varying body types!

Personally, I believe the changes made possible with Chiropractic care are endless.

When you aren't restricted in movement and aren't hindered by pain, you allow yourself the opportunity to live a life of great quality.

In regard to symptom reduction, I have seen people with chronic pain become 100% pain free. I have seen people who previously suffered from debilitating headaches suddenly live without headaches. I have seen entire families' postures transform. I have seen people's quality of life sky rocket.

I was one of those success stories, and have been an advocate of Chiropractic ever since my first consultation at the ripe age of 13.

I went on to study Chiropractic, and graduated with the following Academic Awards:

-"The Chiropractic Association of Australia National Graduate of the Year"

-"Macquarie University Vice Chancellor's Award for Academic Skills and Leadership"

Today, I feel so grateful to be able to share my abilities as a Chiropractor to help others feel great. I enjoy seeing results and I enjoy helping people function better.

When I was working in the United Kingdom, I had the great fortune of meeting my wife, Helen-Marie, and we are now doting parents to two beautiful daughters.  We know how important it is to be in good health and wellbeing to support and nurture a family on all levels, and I love being able to encourage and support others to live more active, fulfilling lives with their families.


Helen-Marie Bailey: Practice Manager


My name is Helen-Marie Bailey, and I am the practice manager here at Wellsure Chiropractic Caloundra.  I ensure our patients receive the absolute best service and care available, and that your Chiropractic experience is always a brilliant one.

Originally from the west coast of Scotland, I have always been involved in health, fitness and management.  Prior to being swept off my feet by Cade and immigrating to Australia, I managed one of Scotland's largest fitness centres which included guiding and mentoring up to 10 personal trainers at a time towards better outcomes.

Personally, I like to keep fit and healthy and I love being a mother of two wonderful daughters, Sofia and Ashlen.  In conjunction to keeping fit, I find my Chiropractic adjustments help keep me moving and feeling great and the wellbeing component offered by Wellsure Chiropractic Caloundra makes me proud to come to work.  I can't recommend our practice enough and hope to meet you soon!




Emily Banks: Qualified Naturopath, Naturopath Business Owner and Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Emily Banks, and I make a third of the administrative team here at Wellsure Chiropractic Caloundra.  I was introduced to Chiropractic at a young age and have found so much benefit in my regular adjustments with Dr Cade to improve my posture and support balance in my joints.  Besides working with the lovely team here at Wellsure three days a week, I juggle two very large hats as a qualified and registered naturopath, and business owner.  If I'm not bouncing around reception, I'm putting my adjustments to the test, driving around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to service clients and share my skills as a naturopath.

I graduated from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences as a high achieving student of Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine, also receiving the Excellence Award in Clinical Naturopathy.  I have since worked in technical support, assisting and educating practitioners through consultation, research and technical writing, and is currently completing her BHSc in Complementary Medicine.

My desire as a naturopathic practitioner is to educate people about disease and assist them to find peace and wellbeing within themselves, as naturally as possible.  I believe that health is a lifestyle that results in a state of wellbeing, and every person has the power to accelerate and accommodate healing and wellness through every choice that they make.  I work with a diverse array of clientele and feel absolutely blessed to call my passion my job.  I ground my treatments with the constant reminder that a change in health can only occur where change is welcomed, and encourage my clients to take responsibility not only for their health, but the results they will achieve when they are true to themselves.  I have seen how fantastically other modalities can support health and healing, and often suggest Chiropractic care, amongst other treatments, to my clients so that they too can share in the joy that is the feeling of wellness!